Hi there, my name is Remon, and I’m a WordPress enthusiast. I work in the field of web development, and I specialize in developing customized WordPress themes and plugins. I love WordPress since this is where I started my career as a developer.

On this website, you will see my new WordPress themes. They are all block-based. And currently, there’s only two of them 😅 but that number will increase after some time.

A Quick Background

I’m based in

Las Piñas City, just within the bustling Metro Manila

I worked as

Software engineer and WordPress developer since 2010

My expertise are

Developing customized WordPress themes and plugins

Three Fun Facts

I used to be a freelancer.

After my first job, I worked on freelance projects for small businesses in my hometown.

I used to sell WordPress themes.

Back in 2014, I created premium WordPress themes and sold them in the marketplace.

I love exploring

I’m thrilled and excited to do things something new to me or something I’m not familiar with.

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    About Us

    Hi! I’m Remon, the Lemon of Lemon ‘n Pepper.
    I created this website to share with you the latest WordPress themes that I and Pepper have built.